Proven in demanding commercial, military and luxury yacht applications around the world.

Robust design for the commercial market, made affordable for the discriminating yachtsmen thanks to NAIAD’s in-house state-of-the-art manufacturing expertise. High-load matched-ground bevel gears, heavy-duty bearings and cavitation tunnel tested performance.

Hydraulic or AC electric motor drive options. PLC controls. Standard sizes in aluminium and stainless steel to suit any hull material. 


Initially designed for the demanding commercial market, but now available for yacht applications, NAIAD Right Angle Bow Thrusters and Right Angle Stern Thrusters feature robust, heavy duty, matched ground spiral bevel gearing for quiet operation under high-load conditions. Gearing is available to suit both 50 and 60 Hertz applications. The propeller shaft is rigidly supported in a powerful three bearing configuration. The gear housing is lubricated with positive pressure and vented to ensure against contamination.

The Right Angle Thruster Systems gave inboard shafting design allows drive flexibility with either a hydraulic motor or AC electric motor drive package. Right Angle Power Thrusters are available in six sizes for vessels from 50 to 250 feet (15 to 76 meters) LOA, with tunnel materials to match any hull. NAIAD tunnels with pre-mounted saddle are available classification society approved.

Thruster Features
  • Robust, heavy duty, match‐ground spiral bevel gears for quiet operation and maximum thrust.
  • CNC manufactured, assembled and tested in our own ISO 9001:2008 certified facility.   
  • Available with powerful four‐blade Kaplan style propellers, or highly skewed seven‐blade propellers for efficient yet quiet operation.
  • Thruster housings in Stainless Steel for fibreglass hulls, Steel for steel hulls and Aluminium for aluminium hulls for the best in marine corrosion resistance.   
  • Precision machined saddle provides a solid, leak‐proof interface for the thruster housing, and a robust, precise mounting surface for the electric or hydraulic drive motor.
  • Assembly is lubricated via a vented header tank located above the waterline to maintain positive pressure in the thruster.  In addition, durable dual seawater shaft seals ensure water‐tight integrity and longevity.
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